This *NEW* CD will shake you up even MORE than you have been before... why?  This is the "next step" in seduction.  For men only - look you tried the rest, now use the best!  This is the NEXT Alpha Male CD - the First one, still works - and works wonders - but now, the next level is here.  Listen up -- Have you been shy in the past?  Ready to become assertive?  Are you ready for a FAST Transformation?  If you're not, then turn away, because this is the CD that will MAKE EVERYTHING different in your life... it's the...

Alpha Male II Psychic Seduction CD™

"The NEXT STEP in your Advanced Assertiveness Training to enable you to seduce a woman and influence her faster than you ever thought possible with your Personal Psychic Seduction"™

This CD is so new and exciting that I cannot honestly tell you how it will change you life.  All I can say is this:

If you've ever wanted to overcome shyness and become an "Alpha Male" being assertive and commanding in your appearance, physical presence and personality, then you need to get your hands on this CD immediately! This is one (1) audio NLP, Dual Binaural Beats, Brain-Talk, Hypnosis CD with Dream Technology that will turn you into a MASTER of Seduction.  It is experimental, and based on real neuropsychological principals.  I'm not kidding when I tell you this is *BRAND NEW* and based on proven mind science.  I know that it will allow your mind to focus and concentrate to "speed up your seduction skills" making you assertive.  You will become an "Alpha Male" with those precise personality traits that you've longed for.  Don't wait any longer.

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35.00 on CD plus USA Shipping

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Order Now - Only $35.00 on CD plus International Shipping

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P.S. You will not be able to find another product that will give you results that work!  Hurry and order, after the limited supply runs out, this may NEVER be offered again EVER!

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