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Have the Body you Deserve . . . now!

Don't wait any longer to increase the muscle mass on your body with ease . . . all you have to do to experience faster re-growth of your muscles after a great workout is to use the Bodybuilding CD by Master Reed !

If you use this AMAZING new audio CD, you will experience results that you can hardly believe!  WHY?

Good question - because Reed uses specific mind-body technologies that include the cutting edge of mind sciences.  Have you ever heard about the Bulgarian Olympic training team?  Do you remember that they used "visualization" methods in the Eastern Bloc to train their professional athletes so that they could accomplish feats that they couldn't "consciously" believe?  Well, Reed uses that SAME technology (but even better) plus he combines specific technologies and USES THEM TOGETHER!

By using NLP, Hypnosis, Dual Binaural Beats, Brain-Talk™ and Dream Technology™ you will experience RESULTS Fast!  So, don't delay, get your copy of

Advanced Bodybuilding Now
NLP Hypnosis CD™

  • Use this audio NOW, to tap into the precious power of your unconscious mind!

  • Warning!: Because of the FDA and several other governmental and non-governmental industries, we can not and will not guarantee this or any other product we produce!  This audio is not designed to replace a Doctor or Health Practitioner.

  • No concentration is required, all you have to do is plug yourself in and meditate, relax, or sleep!  That's it!

  • This audio track lasts approx. 25 minutes in length.

  • Stereo headphones are required.




"Advanced Bodybuilding - Increase Muscle Mass Now DBB, BT, NLP, Hypnosis CD with Dream Technology"

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


Order Now -  Only $35.00 on CD

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Click on the  Button Below For Secure Order Form:


To order by mail please send a check or money order in the amount of US $38.50 (includes S&H in the United States only). OR please send a check or money or money order in the amount of US $41.50 (includes S&H for International orders only)   Please make the check or money order payable to: J.D.E. Then send to:

1894 U.S. Hwy. 50 East, #4-217
Carson City, NV  89701

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