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Do you have problems when you communicate with other people?  Have you ever been told by someone that they didn't "get" what you were saying?  Have you ever had trouble when you speak in public - maybe you couldn't get your point accross?  If this ?  Have you ever attempted to see something in your mind and then - not been able to see it?  Do you find it hard to gain control of your thoughts so that you can focus and concentrate on exactly what YOU want?  If you have suffered from not being able to use your "inner-mind" for visualizing, then you need to get this CD immediately - before all my copies are gone!  Read on ....

What Would It Be Like To Have

The Ability To


What If You Could Become An


Without Fear...

We can show you how you can be a GREAT public speaker and communicated effectively now . . . With this NEW Audio, You Can literally have Confidence while public speaking and effectively communicate Now by using the Power of Your Mind...  

Super Public Speaking - Effective Communication Now Dual Induction Dual Binaural Beats With Brain-Talk Hypnosis CD

Never Before on EARTH has such a POWER TOOL been created to give you the "SUPER EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION BOOST" that you need UNTIL NOW!  That's right, with cutting edge mind technologies, you can literally change your "inner-mind" and program yourself to be incredibly effective when you speak publicly... almost instantly...

Now, if you've ever been interested in attracting the opposite sex, if you are interested in speed NLP that you can use to CONVINCE someone to make a purchase or seduce someone to BELIEVE you, then this is a tool you'll want to get and use now.  Why?  Because unless you have effective communication no one will want to buy from you!  After you GET THIS AUDIO CD, you'll be able to feel confident when you speak in public and you will have CLEAR and EFFECTIVE communication abilities -- and that's just the beginning....

Get ready to experience something you will always remember...

With this AMAZING tool, you'll have the advantage in EVERYTHING you do -- think about it.  You'll be able to speak so effectively that others will be attracted to you, simply because you have that "feeling about you" -- that feeling is that you get what you want and you like it!

This is how it works:  Between those ears of your is the most powerful mechanism known to us at this time in history and I'm going to give you one of the most amazing tools to begin to unleash this power.  

This audio uses a SECRET HYPNOTIC Induction (yes, you can actually hear the hypnosis induction, and trust me: it gets right to the point), Dual Binaural Beats are also incorporated into this new experience you'll enjoy over and over again to give you that "special edge" that you've been looking for...

Itís a brand new audio that has just been released!  Itís all about how you can tap into your mind for TOTAL POWER COMMUNICATION, now and if you simply listen to this audio, you will CHANGE YOUR LIFE... PERMANENTLY -- think about that -- what's it worth to you to INSTANTLY COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY in YOUR LIFE... FOREVER!  This particular audio, simply put, is incredible.  You have to listen to to understand the COVERT power that it'll give to you. 

BY NOW,  you realize that you should get one of the few copies available and I canít guarantee if Iíll ever get any more, so you better pick this up nowÖit is powerful  and Iíve got it ONLY on CD, now.

Please note:  For those who believe this is possible, no explanation in needed for how and why it works.  For those who are skeptics, forever will their questions remain unanswered.

IF you want these results now... NATURALLY, EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, AND PERMANENTLY ... then you better order before my inventory is gone!

  • Totally Safe and Comfortable (NO SIDE-EFFECTS PERIOD)!

  • This audio has been PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED, using a DIGITAL interface! ONLY on CD!!!
  • This audio also includes a UNIQUE DUAL COMMAND/SUGGESTION process that places the conscious mind into a state of confusion, and then relaxation to allow the hidden suggestions to go directly into your subconscious mind and make the changes you desire!
  • The Secret Dual Command/Suggestion process used on this CD is designed to be used with stereo headphones, allowing the COMBINED effect to be greater than each track by itself! - This is SYNERGY at its BEST!
  • This CD can be used by anyone of any age and it will work for you!
  • One of the BEST things about this audio is that it requires NO work on your part. It's easy, all you do it put on the stereo headphones, press play, and relax! That's it!
  • Nothing else out there will compare to this CD, NOTHING...
  • Other companies have sold similar audios without the binaural beats, without the secret dual induction technique, without the POST HYPNOTIC COMMANDS, without the language patterns to make the permanent changes you desire; and they DON'T EVEN WORK... get this CD now
  • All you need is to believe this will work and use it. That's it! Go ahead and invest in yourself and your future today!
  • By now you've realized that this CD will work for you, all you have to do is USE it.  Do it now.

This CD uses Brain-Talkô technology, Dual Binaural Beats, Soothing Sounds, Hidden commands and Hidden suggestions with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnosis to allow PERMANENT changes in YOUR Inner mind... now...

In fact, here is what other people just like you who have USED Reed's systems and CDs say:



My name is Eric, and I have recently purchased several of your
systems, after friend made the recommendation. I am so glad that
I trusted my friends judgment, and came to you guys! I am a freshmen
in college, and actually, I'd been out of school for a couple of years already,
and I was worried that I'd have trouble working full time while still keeping up
with my studies.

Well, when I said this to my best friend, the first place she directed me to
was this web site! I was skeptical at first, but I decided to try your method
out anyway. I got both the "accelerated learning/instant genius" CD and
another of your products that I wanted in order to make the most out of
my experience, "Crystal Clear Visualization", which actually programs
you into being able to mentally recreate everything you experience
(like having a photographic memory, only it effects ALL of your senses!)
Anyway, to make a long story short, I followed my instructions and listened
to each at least once a day. My first set of finals was this past week,
and I just got my grades back, and I ACED EVERYTHING!

Not just A's, but we are talking 98's and 100's! I owe it all to you! I have
already purchased several more of your systems, and I now have confidence
that my life will forever be changed for the better thanks you! You can quote
me on this, in fact, please do! I want everyone else out there to know how
QUICKLY these programs work, and just how powerful they really are!

Thanks again, for everything!

- Eric R."


Reed Received this testimonial on August 8, 2002 --

"I would just like to say that last year I purchased the CMCS [Complete Mind Control System] from you and it has been an excellent program. IT DOES WORK I was totally amazed. Thank you and looking forward to future purchases."

"I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had got a cassette from
you about 2 months ago or longer. On Mind Control On Others. This tape
is so awesome it worked for me 3 days after I received it. 

Bright Blessings To You, and Thank You for doing this making these
tapes. Your an awesome person. Thanks, D. D."

"Man the work you guy's are putting out is getting better and better. I'm blown away with the latest i received.. has me buzzing all over.. it was #2 in the seduction series "automatic flirt / pheromone"  Ive studied hypnosis for about 4 years now.. "Erickson.. etc." that latest CD is da'bomb.  This evening at the Community College i go to, i was a flirting machine.. all had a blast during our breaks!" -- regarding Reed's Automatic Flirt CD


"I have just run through your 4 CD "Mental Psychic Seduction System" and I just wanted to say that your expert use of Dual Binaural Beat Technology, much like Shamanic drumming, makes them the most powerful recorded hypnotic inductions I have ever experienced, more powerful than either 'Major Mark' Cunninghams "Hypnotic Awakenings" or even Dr Richard Bandler's "Personal Enhancement Series". What is truly fascinating to me, though, was the immediately noticeable effects of the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" on my everyday encounters with other people. As far as I could tell, I was behaving just the same as I was before the inductions and yet, everyone I met after running through the System, especially women, reacted differently to me, in a much more relaxed, open and friendly way. At first, I assumed that the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" had simply enhanced my rapport skills at an unconscious level, which would be worth the price of the System alone. In fact, I found that when I deliberately set out to assertively lead rather than pace, I found that women were surprisingly happy to go along with whatever I suggested! Beyond these amazing new skills, I have found fabulous new synchronicities occurring on an ever increasing basis, as if the Universe itself was lending a friendly hand in my wishes and desires. Worth the investment many times over!!!" P.K. Received August 28, 2002


REMEMBER -- Reed's CDs will work for you, period.  All you have to do is put on stereo headphones and listen -- that's it.  Read other testimonials - Click Here.

I will not accept ANY responsibility for damages you may cause with these techniques to yourself or others - YES THIS CD WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CD OUT THERE, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT USES BRAIN-TALKô TECHNOLOGY, which you will ONLY find on Reed's CDs and no where else! 


This CD is not sold in stores and unless you get this CD before it's gone you might never be able to get a copy!  All Sales Are Final. You will love and enjoy what you will soon discover...

Shipping and Handling is $3.50 first class and you will receive your system in approximately 5-7 days from when you place your order in the United States.  If you are ordering outside of the United States, Shipping and Handling is $6.50 air mail.

Please note:  For those who believe this is possible, no explanation in needed for how and why it works.  For those who are skeptics, forever will their questions remain unanswered.


"Super Public Speaking - Effective Communication Now Dual Induction Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD with Brain-Talkô"Compact Disc:

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World


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