Reed Byron is known as “The Mind Control Master” for many good reasons. He is consistently developing cutting-edge mind development products and charges a fortune for custom hypnotic NLP work. And now, for the first time ever, he has developed a product that will SHOCK and AMAZE anyone interested in Selling. Whether you are attempting to increase your closing ratio or simply have that EDGE over EVERYONE ELSE . . . if you want that success you've been searching for - search no further . . . because you are about to have SUCCESS like you've never imagined possible.  Read on . . .

'I Want the EDGE in Selling Now!'

Dear Friend,

Have you ever spoken these words?

You are probably doing 90% of the "things" right so you can become a Master Selling Machine, but your sales abilities and skills will NOT give you the edge, until you LISTEN to this CD.  You KNOW that it is through the power of the MIND that AMAZING THINGS happen - and now you can TAP into your mind for sales success . . . almost INSTANTLY!  It's true!  This CD is an advanced program that combines principles of NLP, Hypnosis, Brain-Talk Technology, Dual Binaural Beats, with Semi-Subliminal Suggestions and Commands that will bring about the results you seek.

This CD Program is truly one-of-a-kind because it allows you to become an AMAZING salesperson easily, effortless and completely naturally and all you have to do is listen.  That's it!

You will discover how truly powerful you are inside and allow the changes to take place in your inner-mind.

You will sell more now and increase you income because you will be using your brain for a change. 

Having that EDGE, that drive for success in Selling is a feeling that comes and goes with the wind, and this lack of understanding leads to the struggle some people will experience when trying to improve their lives.

It doesn't have to be that way for you . . . not now and not ever!

After several years of research and study, Reed created the "Successful Sales Now NLP Hypnosis CD." This is a unique and rare program that literally programs your inner-mind for total successful sales now.

Since you want the edge in selling, you've come to the right place.  You must get this CD if you want your subconscious mind to allow you to naturally attract success sales into your life.

Your inner-mind is so powerful that it teaches you, step by step, exactly how to get and stay successful. You will be able to change your life and achieve your sales goals. Most people know that what your life is on the outside, is a product of what has been occurring on the inside. Your thinking literally has brought you to where you are in life. By now you realize that to go to the next level, you must take the step to change your thinking patterns.

This CD will allow you to do this effortlessly.


Because all you have to do is listen with stereo headphones once a day. That's it. Reed Byron, Master Hypnotist and Mind Technician, developed this CD using the latest Mind-Brain Technologies (some of which he actually developed and created himself). Here is what will happen:

* Using Hypnosis, you will go into a state of relaxation and begin the transformation process into a successful salesperson. Reed adds the sounds of ocean waves to aid in the relaxation process -- it'll be like being on vacation on the beach!

* Using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) you will then enter a state of SUCCESS where you will FEEL outstanding in every way possible, and learn how to feel that way, whenever you wish.

* Using Dual-Binaural Beats your brain waves will be synchronized with the hypnotic commands and suggestions to allow the changes to be placed deep within your unconscious or subconscious mind.

* Using Brain-Talk Technology your mind will literally be programmed for success in selling (kind of like what you've seen in the movie The Matrix).

* Using your past and present to create the confident attitude you have always desired. You have what it takes at this very moment, and when you are programmed to do it, you might never be the same again.

* Perhaps what is most important - this CD is designed to make the commands and suggestions PERMANENT, which will bring to your life PERMANENT change.

* Reed uses what he calls "The Single Greatest Suggestion on Earth" to literally increase the effectiveness of ALL the commands and suggestions while you simply relax and listen.

Remember, because of the power in this CD, you might be able to listen to it once and you'll never lack sales success again!

Yes, it's that powerful.

You can have everything you want. You can create the life you have always dreamed of. The "Successful Sales Now NLP Hypnosis CD" will program you to make it happen today. By now you know that this CD will aid you on your way for complete success in selling now. To order click on the secure order button below . . . now.


Reed Byron
Master Hypnotist and Mind Technician

P.S. - I have a limited number of these CDs and once they're gone, they're gone - so order now.  If you want to read what other people are saying about Reed's CDs click here for testimonials.

P.P.S. - This CD is approximately 30 minutes long, you must use stereo headphones and be in a relaxed position while listening.

P.P.P.S. - Do you have a question? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page at:


"Successful Sales Now NLP Hypnosis CD"

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind
Development Products in the World


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