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Listen, have other people accused you or not being smart?  Anyone ever said that "you can't cut it" or "you're not smart enough" -- if anyone has ever told you something like that (including yourself) -- if you want to BOOST your IQ and get smart, then you need to ...

Improve Your Thinking Skills Now!!!
If you've ever been in school and wanted to get an edge - if you've wondered what you need in order to Think BETTER, FASTER, while you are ON YOUR FEET . . . then you must get this CD now!  Why?  Because being able to think faster and quicker, being able to respond better and think smarter will benefit you not only in a school situation, but in every single condition and situation in your life.  This is the one single thing that you might need that will put you over the top of your "previous self" -- that one single skill that can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE - - and it can even happen in an instant!  LOOK... this is the thing you've been missing... whether you are male or female, this one single CD can change the way you ACT, the way you FEEL, and the things you DO to get what YOU NEED NOW... you MUST get this CD and start using it immediately... This is for anyone who has ever wanted to Improve their THINKING SKILLS in any way.

This Process Is So Advanced and Works So Well, It is Copyrighted And Was Uniquely Designed By the Greatest Mind Master Ever!

This Audio CD Uses The Following Mind Sciences To Effective & Efficiently Produce REAL Results For You NOW...






Get Ready To Change Your Life Permanently and


If you've ever wanted to be totally in charge of your Brain - if you've ever wanted to THINK FASTER - BETTER - for LONGER PERIODS OF TIME and THINK GREAT THOUGHTS . . . if you've ever wanted to Start Saying outstanding, and Amazing thinks off the top of your head and simply RELAX and ENJOY Being a Great Thinker in EVERY WAY and with EVERY PERSON you communicate with... then you'll want to get your copy of this CD as fast as you can before it's too late...

That's right... this CD is designed to allow you to CHANGE the way you THINK.  By using this CD your THINKING will INCREASE - your ability to capture other people's ideas and thoughts will increase -- you will 'understand' things that evade others because the MENTAL functioning of your BRAIN will INCREASE - exponentially - until you can think along the lines of the greats!  In short, you think better, faster and longer without fatigue and BECOME NOW the person you were meant to become.

This CHANGE will happen in your "inner-mind" your "mental computer" will be altered subconsciously and without your conscious mind interfering with the process! 

And this will happen for you now... NATURALLY, EASILY, EFFORTLESSLY, AND PERMANENTLY ... it'll be EVEN BETTER than you've EVER IMAGINED... now!

  • How would you like to improve your thinking abilities now?
  • How would you like to NEVER worry about WHAT to SAY and HOW to say it? You'll KNOW what to DO and SAY because your ability to THINK FAST will happen at the subconscious leve... This CD will give you that gift, almost instantly... you should GET THIS CD NOW...
  • You can now increase your Natural abilities to Think Quick and DEEP easily and effortlessly by activating your inner mind to Change those old out-dated beliefs with NEW IMPROVED THINKING ones, IF you desire it! PURCHASE THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND CD NOW...
  • All you have to do is listen to this CD! That's it! Only 30 minutes a day! Imagine the possibilities!
  • Imagine, you can NOW IMPROVE YOUR THINKING ABILITY, be in total control of your life...now
  • Totally Safe and Comfortable!  There are NO SIDE-EFFECTS PERIOD!
  • This CD has been PROFESSIONALLY RECORDED, using a DIGITAL interface! CD is available now.
  • It has been mixed perfectly to allow you to actually hear the suggestions and relax completely while the suggestions slip into your unconscious mind and actually *command* your inner mind to make changes... there are even special post-hypnotic suggestions that will DAILY "trigger this effect in your life, without your conscious mind knowing what's going on... you'll naturally feel great about yourself and be able to control your anger every way you can imagine now....  
  • This CD utilizes the power of NLP, combined with the newest science of the mind to trigger your brain to permanently old negative SLOW THINKING beliefs and place NEW IMPROVED THINKING ones in their place!
  • This CD also includes a SECRET INDUCTION process that places the conscious mind into a state of confusion, and then relaxation to allow the hidden suggestions to go directly into your subconscious mind and make the changes you desire!
  • The Secret Induction and unique programming process used on this CD is designed to be used with stereo headphones, allowing the COMBINED effect to be greater than each track by itself!
  • This CD can be used by anyone of any age and it will work for you!
  • One of the BEST things about this CD is that it requires NO conscious work on your part. It's easy, all you do it put on the stereo headphones, press play, and relax! That's it!
  • There are similar CDs out there, but they don't have the dual binaural beats, the unique programming process (similar to that on the movie The Matrix), or the secret induction technique, nor do they have the *Post Hypnotic Commands to make the permanent changes you desire INSTANTLY; and those companies might have charged an arm and a leg for it! Do not waste your money, get this CD... now.
  • All you need is to believe this will work and use it. That's it! Go ahead, ORDER NOW, and invest in yourself and your future today! 
In fact, here is what other people just like you who have USED Reed's systems and CDs say:

Reed Received this testimonial on August 8, 2002 --

"I would just like to say that last year I purchased the CMCS [Complete Mind Control System] from you and it has been an excellent program. IT DOES WORK I was totally amazed. Thank you and looking forward to future purchases."

"I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had got a cassette from
you about 2 months ago or longer. On Mind Control On Others. This tape
is so awesome it worked for me 3 days after I received it. 

Bright Blessings To You, and Thank You for doing this making these
tapes. Your an awesome person. Thanks, D. D."

"Man the work you guy's are putting out is getting better and better. I'm blown away with the latest i received.. has me buzzing all over.. it was #2 in the seduction series "automatic flirt / pheromone"  Ive studied hypnosis for about 4 years now.. "Erickson.. etc." that latest CD is da'bomb.  This evening at the Community College i go to, i was a flirting machine.. all had a blast during our breaks!" -- regarding Reed's Automatic Flirt CD


"I have just run through your 4 CD "Mental Psychic Seduction System" and I just wanted to say that your expert use of Dual Binaural Beat Technology, much like Shamanic drumming, makes them the most powerful recorded hypnotic inductions I have ever experianced, more powerful than either 'Major Mark' Cunninghams "Hypnotic Awakenings" or evan Dr Richard Bandler's "Personal Enhancement Series". What is truly fascinating to me, though, was the immediately noticeable effects of the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" on my everyday encounters with other people. As far as I could tell, I was behaving just the same as I was before the inductions and yet, everyone I met after running through the System, especially women, reacted differently to me, in a much more relaxed, open and friendly way. At first, I assumed that the "Mental Psychic Seduction System" had simply enhanced my rapport skills at an unconscious level, which would be worth the price of the System alone. In fact, I found that when I deliberately set out to assertively lead rather than pace, I found that women were suprisingly happy to go along with whatever I suggested! Beyond these amazing new skills, I have found fabulous new synchronicities occurring on an ever increasing basis, as if the Universe itself was lending a friendly hand in my wishes and desires. Worth the investment many times over!!!" P.K. Received August 28, 2002


REMEMBER -- Reed's CDs will work for you, period.  All you have to do is put on stereo headphones and listen -- that's it. READ OTHER TESTIMONIALS BY CLICKING HERE.

I will not accept ANY responsibility for damages you may cause with these techniques to yourself or others - YES THIS CD WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CD OUT THERE, SIMPLY BECAUSE IT USES BRAIN-TALK™ TECHNOLOGY, which you will ONLY find on Reed's CDs and no where else! 


“Improve Your Thinking Skills Now Dual Binaural Beats NLP Hypnosis CD with Brain-Talk™ & Dream Technology™"

"The Most Powerful and Advanced Mind Development Products in the World"™


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Click on the  Button Below For Secure Order Form:


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