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Reed Byron is known as “The Mind Control Master” for many good reasons. He is consistently developing cutting-edge mind development products and charges a fortune for custom hypnotic NLP work and now, for the first time ever, you will learn the reason WHY his CDs are LIGHTYEARS beyond the ORINARY - AVERAGE HUM-DRUM Hypnosis Tape or CD! You are GUARANTEED to LEARN things you've NEVER KNOWN BEFORE - so,  Read on . . .
Why are Master Reed's CDs So Much More Powerful Than Everything Else Out There?

Article Date: Tuesday, April 6, 2004:

Why Master Reed's CDs are the ABSOLUTE BEST Cutting Edge Mind Development Products Available in the WORLD and Why You Shouldn't Waste Your Hard-Earned Money on Average, Ordinary Hypnosis CDs 

The most advanced mind development systems.

Cutting edge life enhancing audios.

Those are very bold statements aren't they.

Why are Master Reed's cutting edge hypnosis CDs more powerful than anything else out there?

Basically, Reed uses a synergistic approach to mind development and training. His work is anything but your average ordinary hypnosis tape. Not only does he use hypnosis, but he also incorporates other mind changing technologies like the power of dual binaural beats, double or dual inductions, relaxing natural background sounds (like ocean waves), Erickson style hypnosis, post-hypnotic commands, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), anchors, and subliminal commands. Reed uses these technologies together to create a synergistic effect on your mind to speed up any change work you desire and to make it permanent. But wait, that's not all. Reed also researches and develops proprietary cutting edge mind technologies that you will find no where else on earth! These include Brain-Talk™ Technology, Dream Technology™, and most recently - Audible Affirmation Technology™ or AAT™ for short. Reed is constantly researching, testing and developing the latest cutting edge technologies to "program the mind" better, faster, and to make it permanent.

You could honestly spend tens of thousands of dollars purchasing the equipment and education to put similar CDs together, but why do that when Reed has already done all the work for you.

Why is it so important for you to have hypnosis CDs that use these new technologies and synergistic methods? Remember, everyone's mind is different because we are products of our programming and experiences in life. Each of us have developed our senses in different ways. Whether your preferred sense is sight, sound, tactile (touch), taste, smell, or discernable feelings (sixth sense), Reed has integrated your preferred method of learning into these CDs. Perhaps you are more visual, where another is more kinesthetic. If you purchase a generic hypnosis audio from somewhere else, you will likely receive someone's voice with an induction and suggestions based on THEIR preferred sense. This means that unless you are in sync with them, then the tape or CD will just take that much longer - if ever to work!

As a student, I learned that if we can involve more of our senses, that we can learn anything faster and remember it better. Have you ever heard that before? For example, if I want to memorize a paragraph of information verbatim (word-for-word), I can just read the paragraph once. How do you think that will do? Do you think I would remember it word for word? Probably not. But what if I read it out-loud and I heard my voice as I read the paragraph. My chances are better. Now what if I mentally place myself into the paragraph and act out what I am memorizing. What if I can taste the paragraph, and smell the environment where it was written, what if I can see myself confidentially repeating the words as I feel confident and in control while I read it out-loud? Do you see how many senses were involved? The chances of remembering verbatim become better don't they. Not only that, but not add the power of repetition. Now, your chance for success are assured. This is the power of synergy and repetition. Reed's products are the only ones in the world that securely utilize these powers and processes.

As you might have heard, it would take a computer the size of Texas to equal the power of your brain. Your mind is infinitely more powerful than science has realized and, perhaps even more powerful that you've realized. So, don't settle for an average, ordinary, and cheap hypnosis tape or CD, get something that will tap into your infinite mental potential; get one of Master Reed's CDs and change your life - permanently.

Here are the benefits of purchasing one of Reed's programs: (1) you will be guided into a pleasant and peaceful hypnotic state; (2) you will go into hypnosis and experience relaxation; (3) you will feel that your mind and body are changing as you listen; (4) you will actually hear specific suggestions and commands that will bring to you, your desired result; (5) you will awake feeling energized and ready to go; (6) using the proprietary Brain-Talk™ Technology, your mind will be programmed for the desired permanent changes; (7) you will gain the stated ability or change within 24 hours to 60 days depending on several things - including you suggestibility, prior programming, willingness to change, etc.; (8) you will become the person you desire to be; (9) and these changes will remain permanent.


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